We are genza!

Our mission is to make a difference through digital innovation, enlarge the global market and make people more confident and comfortable with communications.

The Best Service Experience

We help global leaders with the most compressive range of communications and new workforce opportunities and adding enormous credibility to their brand. To enlarge the global market by making a difference in the sector, we develop direct interconnections and improve our next-generation network infrastructure worldwide.

Global Connectivity

We develop direct interconnections via private or public internet with aimed at MVNO, fixed and mobile operators. Whether a hard-to-reach location or dependable destination, we provide a reliable and straightforward service with quality-conscious and improve their international voice quality.

Privately Peered Network

Our international pop points enable quality connectivity on SIP/TDM interconnections and handling billions of international voice minutes. Privately peered network designed to be seamless, but always adapts to the latest technologies and sector needs.


Lifelong learning!

We are willing to support all kinds of activities supporting nature and the environment, and we promise not to make a profit for the services we provide for any humanitarian jobs.

We are devoted to humanitarian projects aimed at the environment, nature and education, and we believe that the value of good education cannot be underestimated, and that's why we support lifelong learning!

Indispensable values!

We're committed to privacy, safety, accessibility and high-quality availability. Our strategic directions are based on four essential pillars of business;

  • Faultless service expertisee
  • Superior Network
  • Professional support
  • Perseverance and persistence

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