International Voice

Global termination for your voice over public or private internet with the highest quality and stable rates!

Seamless Routing Optimisation

Direct routing to destinations network priority combines the crucial tier-1 partners who can ensure the quality and affordability for high-quality conscious service providers, MVNO, mobile and fixed operators that require CLI and fax and implement advanced features.

Premium Quality Service

  • TDM or IP interconnections across cable, fixed, and mobile operators
  • CLI transmission with premium quality best-effort delivery and fax
  • Multiple protocol support SS7, including ANSI, ITU, and ETSI
  • Real-time anti-fraud solutions for risky destinations
  • Redundant routes and quality parameter monitoring; ASR, ACD, MOS, and FAS identification

Pop points for interconnection


Transit network providers



Networking with end-to-end support


Global Connectivity

High-performance without the typical manual, tedious, and recurring engineering costs associated with multiple IP interconnect options anywhere around the world without restrictions

  • Transfer using RE_INVITE is supported.
  • Diversion header is supported.
  • HOLD is supported.
  • DTMF is supported.
  • G.711, G.729, G.722, G.722.2, T.38 and more.


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